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Shifting Lenses

Creative Evolutions exists in part to engage with new ways of looking at how the creative fields operate.  This can come through the development of new actionable models and solutions, through direct personalized implementation in consulting projects, or through one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and innovating

In addition, members of the Creative Evolutions ecosystem identify new thoughts or ideas and can uplift and share them through these articles, entitled Shifting Lenses.  We encourage the sharing and re-publishing of any and all of these articles (with appropriate attribution) to expand the perspectives, ideas, and solutions available to our society. 

Rather than posting comments here on the Shifting Lenses page, we encourage you to share or re-post to your own community or professional networks and start a conversation.  If these ideas spark a new discussion or idea elsewhere, let us know so we can amplify further ideas into the national dialogue!

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