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Out in the Ecosystem

The humans who collaborate with Creative Evolutions are also artists in their own right and often motivate the extended ecosphere through speaking engagements, panels, and research. Need better copy

Calida N. Jones and Douglas R. Clayton accepting their first place award at the YYale Summit 2023.

Creative Evolutions In the News

Calida N. Jones

Spinx Connect Amplify 2024: "Unapologetically, Boldly: Intentional Strategies to Uplift, Support, and Nurture Women of Color?



Names of those on panel

link to CE article with actions

Creative Evolutions Newsletter

March 6:

Director Positions and Women of Color in Leadership"

Learn more about the Shared Leadership models we helped HERE Arts Center launch, NALAC's open positions, panels, and dissertations!

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Calida N. Jones

Fall 2023:

Fireside Chat with Midnight Oil Collective

midnight oil collective.jpg


Names of those on panel

link to CE article with actions





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