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Think Tanks

Developing new behaviors, models, or structures effectively requires a mix of ingredients, including diversity, teamwork, respect, bravery, knowledge, creativity, clarity, focus, and safety.  Addressing any given challenge or exploring any particular path requires different teams who can bring different capabilities to bear.  To this end, Creative Evolutions supports a variety of formats for idea development, and will continue to adapt and explore new ways of creating and illuminating new pathways as our ecosystem evolves.

Outcomes from think tank activities will be listed here and also published through Shifting Lenses and partner publications!

Virtual Exploration Salons

Ongoing Monthly

We host monthly virtual salons, exploring current events in the creative industries, and identifying specific areas where new models or ideas need to be developed through targeted research, collaborations, or think tank workshops. Interested in participating?  Contact us!


In-Person Regional Uplift Sessions

Ongoing Monthly

We travel each month to a different city or region, and gather local innovators and forward-looking managers to share on-the-ground ideas and identify exciting accomplishments that need to be shared more broadly. Interested in hosting a thought gathering in your area?  Contact us!



Focused Evolution Retreats

As specific areas of needed innovation are uplifted, Creative Evolutions and our partner organizations will curate think tank clusters for multi-day Focused Evolution Retreats to innovate within specific parameters.  We also can intentionally design and facilitate Retreats for organizations or communities interested in our support.  Contact us!


Details on upcoming Retreats will be posted here as they are scheduled.

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