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Creative Evolutions with
Mara Manus of PioneerWorks
at the Yale Innovation Summit 2023

Think Tanks

Developing new behaviors, models, ideas or structures effectively embraces a mix of ingredients to include teamwork, diversity of thought, respect, bravery, knowledge, creativity, clarity, focus, safety, and kindness. Activating any given challenge or exploring a specific path needs different types of teams who can bring unique capabilities to bear. Creative Evolutions supports a variety of formats for idea curation, and we will always embrace adaptation, and exploration of creating and illuminating new pathways as our ecosystem evolves.

Outcomes from think tank activities will be listed here and also distributed through The Solutions Greenhouse and partner publications!

Upcoming Think Tank topics in 2024 include
new actionable solutions for:

  • Nonprofit Board Purposes, Structures, and Functions

  • Shared Leadership Models

  • De-Toxifying Steps for Individuals and Organizations

  • Structurally Empowering Organizational Culture Leaders in Organizations

  • Reference Checking in Hiring Processes

  • Value and Support from Service Organizations

Assorted other topics suggested for future think tanks and tool development include:

  • Resetting Internal and External Expectations for Small Organizations

  • Alternatives for 'Artistic Direction'

  • Engaging Values in Financial Management in Practical Ways

  • Customer Network Management, beyond Transactional or one-on-one Relational Thinking

  • New 'Comprehensive Balance Sheets' that Cover More than Just Money

  • New Concepts of 'Philanthropy' By and For Communities of Color

  • and more....

Focused Evolution Retreats

As specific areas of needed innovation are uplifted, Creative Evolutions and our partner organizations will curate think tank clusters for multi-day Focused Evolution Retreats to innovate within specific parameters.  We also can intentionally design and facilitate Retreats for organizations or communities interested in our support.  Contact us!

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