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People of the Ecosystem

Organizations exist to help humans flourish collectively.

Humans do not exist to help organizations function.  

Creative Evolutions is an ecosystem of human beings, who work together using their lived experience and a commitment to empathy and listening.  The ecosystem is constantly expanding by design, and every collaborator has permanent rights to the ideas they create and are invited to have permanent financial stakes in Creative Evolutions.  

Our Managing Collaborators have set the vision for Creative Evolutions, and assumed the responsibility for caring for all collaborators, clients, and partners in all Creative Evolutions activities.

Hundreds of individuals have already been part of growing the ideas and relationships at the heart of Creative Evolutions, and dozens share in the financial and intellectual rights to the value we have already created together.


Those listed below are just some of the active members of the ecosystem - we invite you to learn more about them!

Collage 2023_edited_edited_edited.png

To get in touch with us, reach out through the contact links on names below,
or to help be directed to the right person 
email us here anytime.

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People 2
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