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Workshops and Talks

Creative Evolutions collaborators offer an ever-expanding set of virtual or in-person workshops for groups, on a range of topics.  We also regularly speak or teach at universities and other training programs, facilitate one-time discussions around topics, and provide individualized coaching and advising.


In addition, we are always eager to work with groups to design new workshops that can speak to a particular circumstance and moment in our collective development.

Workshops and Speaking Topics currently available
(among others) include:

  • Navigating Staff Transitions
    (Part of the
    TYA/USA national conference in April 2024)


  • Building an Ecosystem through Hiring Practices

  • De-toxifying Your Workplace Expectations

  • How Much is Too Much? - Exploring Capacity and the Drive to Over-Deliver

  • Breaking Down the Silos of 'Staff', 'Board', 'Artists' and 'Constituents'

Calida in India.jpg
Speaking in Amravati, India

To discuss engaging Creative Evolutions collaborators as speakers or for workshop topics, email us here anytime.


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