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Actionable Values

People of the Ecosystem

People First
Truth of Lived Experience
Taking Action   
Embracing Discomfort

We continually seek new choices and new options that can work better for specific situations.  In order to work authentically, creatively, and effectively, we consistently go back to our values and look to make sure our new ideas and day to day decisions and behaviors are clearly demonstrating those values.

Click here for examples of how these values are behaviors at Creative Evolutions!

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Creative Evolutions is an ecosystem of human beings, that continues to grow!  To learn about many of the people who are doing great evolutionary work at Creative Evolutions and elsewhere, click here to see a page of profiles.

Clicking on someone in this alphabetical list will take you directly to their profile or to their freestanding website.

If you want to talk to someone about working with Creative Evolutions but are not sure who to speak with, email us here!

Some of the active collaborators in the Creative Evolutions ecosystem (listed alphabetically):

Elizabeth Alonso

Douglas Clayton

Kim Davis/FiveSixteen Consulting

Calida Jones

Rebecca Novick

Asteria ShaBlakely

HERE Arts Center
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