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Coaching and Workshops

Centering our thinking and strategies on People First means that we cannot always address all concerns through the framework of existing organizations.  Some issues and innovations must be addressed person-to-person, without an organization's purpose or priorities setting the frame of the discussion.

For this reason Creative Evolutions collaborators focus on supporting our colleagues through direct coaching and through workshops for empowering individuals and small teams.  These activities appreciate the context of organizational structures and objectives, but center the health and capabilities of the individual while navigating those realities.

Interesting Fact:

Creative Evolutions piloted compensating candidates in hiring processes in 2022, and continues to do so for all hiring, internal and external.

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The creative industries have had a weakness in the areas of individual coaching.  It can sometimesbe difficult to find management, career, and effectiveness coaches who understand creativity and cultural spaces.  We continue to build a network of coaches with a sliding scale of fees and match them appropriately with individuals who need targeted or ongoing support. 

If you're feeling unsure or alone, and need someone who can understand your circumstances help you find a way forward in your organization, your career, or through a difficult challenge, let us know.

If you are a coach operating in the creative ecosystem, please reach out to us as well - nothing makes us happier than bringing people together!

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Creative Evolutions collaborators offer an ever-expanding set of virtual or in-person workshops for groups, on a range of topics. 


In addition, we are always eager to work with groups to design new workshops that can speak to a particular circumstance and moment in our collective development.

Workshops currently available (among others) include:

  • De-toxifying Your Workplace Expectations

  • How Much is Too Much? - Exploring Capacity and the Drive to Over-Deliver

  • Equity Means Individualization and Adaptation -Breaking Down the ideas of 'Staff', 'Board', and 'Constituents'

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