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Value-Based Ownership


Our beliefs have informed not just our activities but also
a new frame on how and why Creative Evolutions exists
that differentiates it from most for-profit and non-profit
structures.  Our ownership is
centered on humans and
the values they create, and we reject dynamics where
the work and talent of individuals is harnessed for the
inequitable benefit of others.  We call our new way of
operating Creative Evolutions
'Value-Based Ownership'.

With Value-Based Ownership, the balance of financial stakes shifts and changes
regularly based on who is participating over time.


As of Sept 1, 2023, the financial stakes in Creative Evolutions by demographics are:

60.17% Women Owned

55.26% BIPOC Owned

What does this mean?

Value Creation Matched with Financial Reward

Anyone who contributes to the collective work of Creative Evolutions in any amount
gets financial shares in the organization as a formal Collaborator.  Over time, the number of Collaborators will grow, but everyone who contributed will be
permanently acknowledged as being part of the Creative Evolutions story and with a portion of rights to any capital distributions.

Equitable Pay for Direct Work

When revenues are generated from the work of a team, those revenues are equitably shared with all members of the team.  Higher revenue means higher pay.  Greater contribution means greater reward.

Self-Determination and Rights to Intellectual Property

Creative Evolutions engages with collaborators in the ways that work best for them - some are full time employees, some are part time employees, some are project contractors, some are advisors or volunteers.  Regardless of engagement structures, Creative Evolutions will not take exclusive ownership of anything created during Creative Evolutions activities – the organization will have the rights to promote or utilize ideas, concepts, and materials, but always with attribution to the individual people who were involved in the creation, and the individual people will always have the right to also continue to utilize, promote, and continue to develop anything they created with Creative Evolutions.

Authority Balanced with Service and Responsibility

Both Creative Evolutions as an organization and the Managing Collaborators are here to support and serve the people involved - everyone who participates or contributes should be able to easily describe how they benefited from being involved.

Diverse Identities Generate Direct Value

Whenever value is generated from the specific lived experience associated with a particular identity, especially identities of individuals who have historically been harmed and excluded by established systems, additional compensation or financial stakes will be included in direct recognition of that value that is being brought into the room.  Diversity is not just a 'plus' - it adds real, concrete benefits that need real, concrete acknowledgement.

Do you have questions about Value-Centered Ownership or how this way of doing business works?  Let's Talk!

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