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Let's Work Together

In the Creative Evolutions ecosystem, we center our day to day activities on developing, adapting, and implementing actionable solutions for organizations and individuals.  With this focus, we are excited to support you in the following ways!  If you have other suggestions for ways Creative Evolutions or our colleagues can support you or our national community, please start a conversation!




We develop and lift up new actionable solutions on a range of topics. These solutions arise from the creativity of individuals, small working groups, and large gatherings.

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Individuals in the creative industries often need direct support and advice that they cannot get from their organizational structures. Through matching with a personal creative coach, or through online or in-person workshop opportunities, we can work together to build new ways for you to navigate on your path.


We create specific strategies and processes to support organizations on strategy, executive search, innovation, and culture redevelopment.

Open Positions

We are hiring!  Creative Evolutions is currently facilitating the following opportunities.  Please take a look at the full descriptions below, and reach out to us at any time if you'd like to discuss further!

In addition, if you are interested in becoming a Collaborator with Creative Evolutions, either as a participant in various Think Tank activities, as a Consultant, as a Coach, or through ideas, articles, or workshops you may be able to provide, we are happy to talk to you about any of that as well.  Feel free to reach out!

Currently we are: Accepting Submissions.  For the full posting and submission instructions Click Here.

Semi-finalists will be compensated $200 and Finalists will be compensated $1,000 for their participation.

What We Are Looking for in Our New Executive Director

  • They will be intentionally empathic and fearless. They will be fiercely and deeply committed to putting people first, and to work clearly and directly with the team to provide the real support that our students, teachers, staff, and Board need.  They will have a deep appreciation for the ways that young people’s lives can be transformed through programs like ours.

  • Our Executive Director will be truly exceptional on two related fronts – team leadership and building community connections.

  • At DCYOP, they will directly handle: maintaining a clear vision for the future, managing resources, financial management, facilitating clear communication, cultivating community support, and leading plans for future physical spaces.

  • They will have a working knowledge about and some experience in: diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, educational pedagogy, non-profit fundraising, and orchestral music.

Structure and Compensation 

  • Starting annual salary between $145,000 - $155,000, medical and dental insurance, and paid time off.

  • Flexible hybrid schedule, which currently includes one day per week in a physical office with the entire staff, participation at all Saturday program days, and regular in-person presence at other events and locations throughout the week.

Estimated Search Timeline 

  • Application Period:                                                   January 9 to February 20, 2023
    After the end of the application period, please reach out if you are still interested and we will let
    you know if there is still an opportunity for consideration.

  • Initial Screening Interviews & Semi-Finalists Interviews:  February 20 to March 31, 2023

  • Finalist Interviews On-Site in Washington DC:               April 1 to May 1, 2023

  • Employment Begins:                                                   Summer 2023


For the full posting and submission instructions Click Here.

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