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Mid Atlantic Arts
Executive Director Position

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The initial preferred application period closed on August 1, 2023. 


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Annual Report Cover 2022


Our Mission: Mid Atlantic Arts nurtures and funds the creation and presentation of diverse artistic expression and connects people to meaningful arts experiences within our region and beyond.

What We Are Looking for in Our New Executive Director  (Click for More Details)

  • Our next Executive Director will first and foremost have an equity-driven vision for the national arts funding ecosystem and for how the current system can more effectively invest in and support artists and organizations at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

  • They will be someone who believes deeply in listening first, holding space to talk through challenges, options and ideas in an ongoing manner. They will be both harmonious and decisive; someone who is willing and ready to take actions, and will carry a deep commitment to clarity, transparency, and collaboration.

  • The next Executive Director at Mid Atlantic Arts will be a truly exceptional communicator and strategist, who has a masterful ability to set clear strategic pathways for the organization. They will provide intentional leadership on activating the vision and telling the story of Mid Atlantic Arts’ impact.

  • They will directly handle: Internal Communications, Strategy and Vision Setting, Capacity and Priority Management, Centering and Activating Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access, Staff Management, and Board Engagement.

  • They will be prepared to support and have an understanding of: Fundraising for a Service Organization, Evolving Hybrid and Remote Work Models, Partnership Relationship Development, and Navigating Complex Rules and Obligations.

Structure and Compensation  (Click for More Details)

  • Annual salary beginning between $215,000 and $235,000.

  • Benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 403B retirement contributions, disability and life insurance, and parental leave.

  • Mid Atlantic Arts functions as a remote/hybrid work environment, depending on the employee. The Executive Director is expected to live in the Mid Atlantic region and be present in-person in the Baltimore office each week, and also attend events in-person throughout the region.

Estimated Search Timeline  (Click for More Details)

  • Application Period:                                                             June 20 to August 1, 2023
    After the end of the application period, please reach out if you are still interested and we will let
    you know if there is still an opportunity for consideration.

  • Initial Screening Meetings & Semi-Finalist Meetings:                June 20 to August 25, 2023

  • Finalist Interviews On-Site in Baltimore, MD:                           September 10 - 13, 2023

  • Employment Begins:                                                            Fall 2023

Semi-finalists will be compensated $250 and Finalists will be compensated $1,500 for their participation.

To learn more details about the position, continue reading below!

Who We Are

Mid Atlantic Arts was established in 1979 to promote and support multi-state arts programming in a region that includes Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

It is one of six Regional Arts Organizations (RAOs) in the United States and works in close partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and its member state and jurisdictional arts agencies. Mid Atlantic Arts distinguishes itself through its work in international cultural exchange, model programs in performing arts touring, its knowledge and presence in the jazz field, and its support of folk and traditional arts.

Our Mission:
Mid Atlantic Arts nurtures and funds the creation and presentation of diverse artistic expression and connects people to meaningful arts experiences within our region and beyond.


Our Vision:
Mid Atlantic Arts envisions a future in which artists and creators are actively engaged with diverse communities to energize the transformative power of the arts.

Our Team and Structure

Mid Atlantic Arts is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors, including representatives from all Mid Atlantic Arts states, commonwealths, or territories, as well as five designated seats for Partner Agency Directors from different states, commonwealths, or territories. The current Board Chair is Romona Riscoe Benson, Director of Corporate and Community Impact at PECO (formerly Philadelphia Electric Company). 

The Staff currently includes sixteen full time employees (with several more positions currently in hiring processes). More than half of the Staff are dedicated to distinct constituents of Mid Atlantic in various programmatic areas and regions. Functions of the organization are led by a Staff team of five Directors, leading Finance and Human Resources, Operations, Programs, Development, and External Affairs. The Staff team currently includes some members working in a hybrid fashion out of the physical office in Baltimore, and some members working largely remotely at locations throughout the United States.

Mid Atlantic Arts has been making intentional and clear progress towards diversifying its Board across measures of gender, race, ethnicity, and geography, with approximately half of the Board identifying as BIPOC. Similar efforts are increasing around the diversification of the Staff, particularly while adding roles in the new hybrid structure.  

Mid Atlantic Arts’ current FY 23 budget includes a balanced budget with $6.8M in annual revenue and expenses. Of this number approximately $3.9M represents sub-granted funds distributed to artists and organizations throughout the region. These budget numbers can vary each year depending on funding levels for particular programs, projects and initiatives. The total net assets of Mid Atlantic Arts as of the end of June 2023 are projected to be over $10M.

Information on Mid Atlantic Arts’ Guiding Principles and Programmatic Activities are provided at the end of this document.

Benson Updated.jpeg
Romona Riscoe Benson, Board Chair

What We Are Looking for in Our New Executive Director

Our next Executive Director will first and foremost have an equity-driven vision for the national arts funding ecosystem and for how the current system can more effectively invest in and support artists and organizations at the local, state, regional, and national levels through direct funding, programs, services, and partnerships. 

While serving as the Executive Director, they will reside in the Mid Atlantic region, splitting their time between a weekly presence in the Baltimore office and in-person visits and collaborations throughout the ten states and jurisdictions.

Through their work, they will continue to grow their appreciation of what makes those respective states, commonwealths, and territories distinct, and how their needs are different from one another and may be changing over time. Our Executive Director will also have a clear national and international perspective that will be invaluable to us as we continue supporting actively engaged and diverse arts communities. Whether they have been working in non-profit funding and services organizations their whole career or are newer to the field, they will be motivated by being an active and engaged member of the arts funding community.

Human Expectations and Personal Values


Our Executive Director will be someone who believes deeply in listening first, holding space to talk through challenges, options and ideas in an ongoing manner. They will be both harmonious and decisive; someone who is willing and ready to take actions, and who has the confidence to take clear positions and explain them for the rest of the team. They will not be swayed by adversity or conflict; they will model and lead through conflict resolution with a growth spirit. 

Their personal commitment to uplifting transparency with information will be key to building trust with the Staff and the Board. The Executive Director will see their team members as people whose skills and knowledge can flourish at Mid Atlantic Arts, and their management style will emphasize supporting the team rather than spending time ‘in the weeds.’ 

Our Executive Director will carry a deep commitment to clarity, transparency, and collaboration, and intentionally deepen the daily embeddedness of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access principles in their daily work and the larger mission and vision of the organization. They will activate continued learning in how to model EDIA both internally, and externally. They will champion opportunities for Staff to shape and model inclusion within programming, policies, procedures, and strategic growth for Mid Atlantic Arts. 

They will activate and champion respect and advocacy for all people impacted by the work of Mid Atlantic Arts. 


Where Our Executive Director will be Exceptional


The next Executive Director at Mid Atlantic Arts will be a truly exceptional communicator and strategist, who has a masterful ability to set clear strategic pathways for the organization. They will provide intentional leadership on activating the vision and telling the story of Mid Atlantic Arts’ impact. They will be an expert at creating an intentional culture that brings the ideas, enthusiasm, and participation of the Staff and Board into realizing the organizational vision. 

Empowerment, delegation, and taking strategies from draft to reality will be the basis of the Executive Director’s work. With the experienced Staff team, and an engaged and dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, the Executive Director will center their work on a clear understanding of the capacity of every member of the team, as well as their perspectives, experience, and abilities. Then the Executive Director will guide individuals or groups to focus their efforts so that Mid Atlantic Arts works together in a way that moves the organization forward. 

They will have a strong background working on strategies in the non-profit sector. For an organization that covers multi-jurisdiction arts programs, a deep knowledge and understanding of organizations like the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, and the National Endowment for the Arts will be key. The Executive Director will work to learn and understand the current programming processes in place, then assess changes needed and challenge processes if necessary to create more streamlined approaches to how programs are prioritized, structured, and implemented.


 What Our Executive Director Will Handle Directly

The Mid Atlantic Arts team brings many capabilities to the table, but there are specific tasks and responsibilities that our Executive Director will handle personally. In these areas, established expertise and the ability to self-motivate will allow our Executive Director to excel without significant support from others. 

These include:

  • Internal Communications. Clear, comprehensive, and intentional sharing of information throughout the organization will be a great strength. They will be responsive and appreciate that there are different ways to communicate with different people, and are adept at facilitating dialogue between a variety people simultaneously. They can anticipate concerns or needs in order to communicate proactively. They will be clear with their expectations along with specifics around delegation of specific tasks.

  • Strategy and Vision Setting. Mid Atlantic Arts is ready for a new Strategic Planning process, including setting a clear new vision for the purpose and impact of the organization in the region.  The Executive Director will lead and support the creation process, including working with the Staff to have a clear implementation plan to ensure follow-through of decision making and meeting broader goals year to year. This includes imagining new ways to accomplish Mid Atlantic Arts’ purpose and developing and making a clear case for support - Why should people or organizations invest resources in and partner with Mid Atlantic Arts?

  • Capacity and Priority Management. The Executive Director will collaborate with the team to maintain a clear understanding of the balance between capacity (expertise, time, money, people) and the needs of healthy and productive programming mix and infrastructure.  This includes effective role-setting and delegation to avoid bottlenecks or wasted efforts. This also includes creating and supporting clear processes for considering and activating new initiatives in ways that are healthy, measurable, and well considered.

  • Centering and Activating Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access. Mid Atlantic Arts is actively working to uplift and center EDIA within all aspects of the organization. The Executive Director will provide leadership and an engaged, continually growing perspective on how to enhance equity in all decision making and how to create thoughtful, intentional, long-term plans to expand diversity of identity and viewpoints throughout the organization. They will appreciate the importance of how these priorities impact day-to-day decisions and relate to the long-term viability of the organization. They will also have sensitivity to position-based, tenure-based, and identity-based power dynamics and will know how to lead in EDIA areas and how to step back and empower others to adjust in their day-to-day work that deepen an equity-oriented culture.

  • Staff Management. The Executive Director will work to ensure equity is at the center of policies and responsibilities, capacity management, defining roles and responsibilities, bringing people into or out of the organization, and maintaining open and honest dialogue with all team members for continual refinements of focus and operational improvements.

  • Board Engagement. The Mid Atlantic Arts Board is active and engaged but is geographically dispersed. To be effective, they need the Executive Director’s recommendations for clear direction and goals for achievement that link Board member efforts to successes for the organization, and clear communication structures to build trust and relationships while operating remotely in different geographies.


What Our Executive Director Needs to Support and Understand


Working with and alongside the rest of the team, there are important areas where we do not expect our Executive Director to be more knowledgeable and capable than other people in Mid Atlantic Arts, but where we do need them to have enough expertise to collaborate with us effectively.


These include:

  • Fundraising for a Service Organization. The Executive Director needs to understand how to make a specific case for support to both individual and institutional funders for a service organization. Working with a networked Staff team, they need to be able to thoughtfully support the development of funding, donor, and Board relationships throughout the team to maximize connection, stability, and enthusiasm for Mid Atlantic Arts’ work. In addition, they need to know when to manage a key relationship themselves and to confidently make appropriate major asks that can only come from the Executive Director.

  • Evolving Hybrid and Remote Work Models. Mid Atlantic Arts traditionally operated with a 9 to 5 in person office culture, but since the pandemic this is shifting to a hybrid/remote work model instead with Staff living in various geographic locations.  This transition is still underway, and the new Executive Director will support the Operations and Human Resources teams in setting the policies, expectations, and structures for a healthy and engaged remote work environment, given changing cultural and generational shifts in workplace expectations that uplift the needs and realities of individuals.

  • Partner Relationship Development. Mid Atlantic Arts functions within a variety of systems and collectives, including those of the served states, commonwealths, territories, State Arts Agencies (SAAs) and the Regional Arts Organization (RAO) network. The Executive Director’s role includes building relationships and support for partners outside the organization so that those networks can continue to be healthy and dynamic over time. The objectives of Mid Atlantic Arts extend beyond the organization’s direct programming and funding to include accomplishments that serve the region overall with the partner network’s collective capacity.

  • Navigating Complex Rules and Obligations.  Due to the network of government funding that Mid Atlantic Arts engages with throughout the region, there are state and federal rules regarding use of funds, language, communications, and legal obligations which can be complicated, and can create hurdles to accomplishing Mid Atlantic Arts’ goals or representing the organization’s values. The Executive Director needs to have or quickly gain an understanding of these complexities and bring a detailed, positive, and creative approach to how programs are implemented in that environment.


How We Will Support Our New Executive Director

The arrival of a new leader at Mid Atlantic Arts means everyone, including the new Executive Director, the Staff, and the Board, will need to adapt to new ways of working and a different collaborative partnership. As we discover that new dynamic together, it is important that our new Executive Director feels supported and engaged from all sides of the company.

To that end, Mid Atlantic Arts commits to providing:

  • Annual salary beginning between $215,000 and $235,000.

  • Benefits including:

    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance provided by Carefirst. Employees can choose between three different plans, including HMO and PPO options, and Mid Atlantic Arts covers the deductible and 85% of the employee’s personal premium.

    • Retirement 403B plan, including an employer 6% contribution after the employee has worked 1,000 hours or 6 months.

    • Short- and long-term disability insurance.

    • Up to 12 weeks of parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. Full time employees are eligible for this leave after working for one year.

    • Life and accidental death policy covering up to two times the employee’s salary up to a maximum of $400,000. 

  • An onboarding and transition plan, developed by the team and ready to adapt to the needs of the Executive Director.

  • Mentorship or Advisory support during the first year with Creative Evolutions and three industry peers (see the Search Process that follows).

How this Search will Operate – Values, Communication, and Compensation

Overall Estimated Timeline:

  • Application Period:                                                             June 20 to August 1, 2023
    After the end of the application period, please reach out if you are still interested and we will let
    you know if there is still an opportunity for consideration.

    • Initial Screening Meetings & Semi-Finalist Meetings:         June 20 to August 25, 2023

    • Finalist Interviews On-Site in Baltimore, MD:                    September 10 - 13, 2023

  • Employment Begins:                                                           Fall 2023

After an initial submission of interest, selected candidates will be invited for a virtual Candidate Meeting with Kim Davis, Calida Jones and/or Doug Clayton from Creative Evolutions. Following the initial meetings, a group of candidates will be advanced to virtual Semi-Finalist interviews with an Industry Panel of experts in the nonprofit leadership sector. Semi-finalist candidates will all be compensated $250 for their participation. Candidates who advance as Finalists will be invited to come to Baltimore in September to interview with the full team at Mid Atlantic Arts and will be compensated an additional $1,500 plus reimbursement of their reasonable travel, lodging, and food expenses for their trip.

This search process is rooted in values shared by Mid Atlantic Arts and Creative Evolutions, and will include the following elements:

  • It is important to us that you are treated with respect and are appreciated for the value you create for Mid Atlantic Arts through your participation inn this process. Candidates who do not advance will be notified promptly and given feedback on their materials or candidacy relative to the rest of the candidate pool.

  • Throughout the process we commit to active communication with you, so you are never wondering what is happening or where things stand with your application or the hiring process.

  • It is important that the full Staff and Board participate in the selection process. Final candidates will have the opportunity to come on site before a hiring decision is made.  They will also have the opportunity to meet all Staff and Board (in-person or virtually) during the finalist process.

In addition, Creative Evolutions is engaging a paid Industry Panel of three peer non-profit management specialists who will be collaborating with Creative Evolutions to design and conduct the Semi-Finalist Interviews as part of the process. These peers will recommend up to three candidates who advance to Finalist consideration and will also commit to be available for up to three calls each for the selected Executive Director during their first year of employment at Mid Atlantic Arts. This ongoing support is intended to strengthen Mid Atlantic Arts as an organization and to provide strong collegial or mentorship support to the new Executive Director during the transition period. The outgoing Executive Director, Theresa Colvin, will also be available to the new Executive Director for consultation during the transition period as needed.


You can read more about this process here.

How to Express Your Interest

Email This email comes to Kim Davis, Calida Jones and Doug Clayton, who will respond to you to confirm receipt and who will stay in communication with you consistently throughout the process. 

With your email, please include:

  • Your resume. The resume can be of any length and style, though we encourage you to adjust it as appropriate to help us see how your history and experience connect to the current circumstances, intentions, and needs of Mid Atlantic Arts.

  • Instead of providing a standard cover letter, please provide a written response of approximately two pages that includes answers to the following questions. (Please write out these questions and answer each individually.)

    1.    Who are you and what is most exciting for us to know about you as a human being?

    2.    Why are you interested specifically in working with Mid Atlantic Arts at this particular moment in your career? How would this role build on what you have done before and where you see yourself heading in the future?

    3.    Mid Atlantic Arts has committed to a particular set of Guiding Principles. Which of these speaks most directly to you, and how have you realized it in concrete ways in your past positions or collaborations?

    4.    Making clear decisions and communicating clearly about why strategies are being followed or decisions are being made is essential for the Mid Atlantic Arts Executive Director. How have you made sure in the past that clear communication is occurring to all the other people involved or impacted by your decisions?

    5.    Regional Arts Organizations (RAOs) face particular challenges that are different from local, state, or national service organizations or agencies. What appeals to you about leading an RAO, and how would you approach that differently than leading a local or national organization or agency?

    Please also share how you self-identify on any and all lenses so we can honor your preferences and perspectives specifically in our communications with you!

If possible, please have any attachments be included in pdf format.

If you have any questions about the position or your submission, please feel free to e-mail and we will be happy to discuss with you at any time!

Mid Atlantic Arts Guiding Principles

Artistry and Creative Expression

Mid Atlantic Arts values the pursuit of artistry and the promotion
of creative expression. We believe that the arts are an essential
part of life, enriching our human experience and contributing to
communities’ overall well-being. 



Mid Atlantic Arts values the abundant and expansive diversity that exists within our region, our nation, and the world. We honor and celebrate the mid-Atlantic’s people, artistic and community resources and, most notably, our many forms of cultural expression, and believe them to be major sources of strength in our region.

Equity and Access

Mid Atlantic Arts acknowledges that long-standing systems and practices within the arts sector have led to significant barriers to equitable access, and investment for individuals and across communities. We are committed to the implementation of equitable practices through intentional and sustained focus and accountability.

Curiosity and Listening

Mid Atlantic Arts believes listening to and understanding those we serve leads to relevant and responsive programs and policies. We are committed to ongoing evaluation, analysis, and evolution of our work and practices. We are also committed to the development and support of learning communities, stakeholder convening, and the achievement of best practices to improve our services to the field. 

Partnerships and Collaborations

Mid Atlantic Arts values the relationships with our many trusted partners across the region, the United States, and internationally that extend the reach and impact of our programs. We recognize the National Endowment for the Arts, our state and jurisdictional arts agencies, fellow regional arts agencies, donors,funders, and service organizations, and other stakeholder as key allies in fulfilling our mission. 


What Mid Atlantic Arts Does


Artist Fellowships - Mid Atlantic provides administrative support for the individual artist fellowship programs for the states of Delaware and New Jersey. Mid Atlantic Staff convenes panels that review over 500 applications yearly and states participating in this partnership annually award over $1 million to the fellowship winners.

Given annually to a mid-Atlantic region jazz master, the Living Legacy Jazz Award celebrates those who have a distinguished performance career and who have given of themselves with a significant contribution to mentorship or education.

ArtsCONNECT supports touring projects collaboratively developed by presenters working together in the mid-Atlantic region. The tours include performances as well as complementary engagement activities designed to create greater understanding or connections between artists, audiences, and communities.

Central Appalachia Living Traditions (CALT) is a multi-year program designed to promote the understanding and recognition of folk arts and culture in Central Appalachia by investing in cultural communities, seeding new folk and traditional arts experiences, and honoring underrecognized practitioners of traditions across the region. CALT will feature three complementary programs: Folk Arts and Culture Community Anchors Initiative, Folk and Traditional Arts Experiences, and Recognizing Folk Arts and Culture Champions. Collectively, these new programs are intended to stabilize local infrastructure, create greater connectivity among organization and community leaders, increase the visibility of folk arts and culture, and facilitate the transmission of artistic skills and cultural knowledge.

The Folk and Traditional Arts Community Projects Grants fund projects designed to support the vitality of traditional arts and cultural communities in the mid-Atlantic region. Eligible project activities include but are not limited to performances, public art collaborations, workshops, trainings, exhibitions, fieldwork, and artistic collaborations and must include some publicly-accessible component.

Iber Exchange is designed to increase availability of international music programming throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and to promote a greater understanding of other cultures through the performing arts. Iber Exchange provides fee support grants to nonprofit presenters located in the mid-Atlantic region that contract artists as part of the Iber Exchange program in collaboration with the Ibermúsicas organization. All funded engagements are required to include a public performance and a community engagement activity that creates interaction between audiences and visiting artists. 

The Jazz Touring Network is a presenter-based membership program that supports professional development, building partnerships, and working together to curate tours that reflect the richness of the field of jazz. Welcoming both those organizations with little to no experience presenting jazz and seasoned jazz presenters seeking to strengthen programming, application occurs annually through an open, competitive process. Once selected, membership is ongoing upon meeting annual requirements.

Mid Atlantic Tours brings the best of the performing arts to communities across the mid-Atlantic region. Presenters select from a curated roster of artists that changes annually but maintains a programmatic commitment to a diversity of performance genres, regional artist representation, and engaging with communities underserved by the arts. No lengthy application process – presenters work directly with agents and eligible organizations receive support for their project.

Open to presenters nationwide, the Performing Arts Global Exchange is an annually curated roster of international performing artists selected to tour to communities across the United States. Each year, a region or country/ries are featured with a selection of artists across multiple disciplines. The program provides fee support directly to nonprofit presenters programming artists from the roster, and presenters host both public performances and community engagements in achieving the program’s goals of cultural exchange and understanding.

The Special Presenter Initiatives provide additional opportunities for the support of small to mid-sized performing arts presenters in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and West Virginia. Fee support is available for engagements of performing artists based anywhere worldwide. Engagements include performances as well as community activities that enhance the performance experience and offer meaningful exchanges between touring artists and a presenter’s community.

USArtists International® supports in-person and virtual performances by American artists at engagements at international festivals and global presenting arts marketplaces outside of the United States. The program funds individuals and ensembles across all performing arts practices and disciplines.

Mid Atlantic Arts is committed to the development and expansion of both the careers and artistic goals of U.S. performers by providing connections to audiences, presenters, curators, and their peers through the USAI program. By elevating the voices that reflect a vibrant array of creative expression, we celebrate and share the diversity and imagination of the United States.

Information Services - Mid Atlantic Arts provides information on the arts to artists, arts organizations, constituents, and stakeholders of the mid-Atlantic region on a regular basis and through a number of communication platforms. Information is provided via a monthly newsletter, eblasts, social media postings, and press releases. Mid Atlantic Arts manages providing detailed information on Mid Atlantic, its programs, and grant opportunities for artists and organizations

Mid Atlantic Accessibility Resources - Mid Atlantic Arts offers free webinars on accessibility issues in the arts and culture sector. Sessions focus on accessibility planning as related to disability justice, organizational inclusion, marketing, customer services, and programming. These webinars support Mid Atlantic’s commitment to greater accessibility in the arts and cultural sector of the mid-Atlantic region. Recently, these resources have been produced in partnership with Americans for the Arts. In addition, Accessibility Coordinators from the region’s ten states and jurisdictions are invited and reimbursed to attend the annual Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability Conference (LEAD) to review, discuss, and commit to best practices, policies, goals, and implementation of accessibility.

The Alan Cooper Leadership in the Arts Award honors the legacy of an arts leader who has made outstanding contributions to the arts through extraordinary leadership. The Award seeks to recognize an active arts leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the arts sector within the mid-Atlantic region. A cash honorarium is included along with an acknowledgement event.

Poetry Out Loud is a national poetry recitation contest that encourages high school students to memorize and recite great poems. It is a joint program of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation. Mid Atlantic Arts produces the finals competition during which state and territorial winners from the United States compete for more than $100,000 in prizes.

Three new, multimillion dollar initiatives are funded and currently in development. These equity centered collaborations with public and private partners nationwide will invest in organizations serving and accountable to communities that have experienced historic underinvestment throughout the region. Each program aims to fortify and amplify the great work of organizations, culture bearers, artists and practitioners through trust-based grantmaking and peer to peer learning. 

Mid Atlantic Arts also serves as an investor and thought partner on one-of-a-kind national initiatives that align with organizational priorities including Performing Arts Discovery at Western Arts Alliance, the Leaders of Color Fellowship at Western States Arts Federation and Jazz Road at South Arts.

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Guiding Principles
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